Monday, June 30, 2008

Finally, at long last, I am back!! Its been a busy month! At the end of May, we moved. We are enjoying our house and our yard! It is so good to not have to worry what the neighbors around us think about my noisy kids.
Meaghan and Kaiden are growing fast! Kaiden is just learning to sit up on his own. He is doing real well. He also discovered his tongue again!! I haven't found my camera since we moved so these pics are a little blury. They are from the cell phone.

This weekend we went to Pilgrim camp meeting. It was good to see my family again!! We got to see my parents and brothers and my grandparents. It was also good to see my cousin Crystal and her family. It is sad how the miles keep you from the people that you are closest to.
This is Grandma Hopkins and Kaiden.

My brother Jonathan has most of the talent in the family! He sang tenor in a youth trio for missionary service. I think he did a great job. This pic is pretty far away and blurry but that is Jonathan on the left!

Well, hopefully I find my camera soon, but at least now Sarah and Jenny will be happy!!!