Saturday, July 19, 2008

Today our church had an outreach picnic at the church. It turned out real nice although it was unbelievably hot!!! There were around 44 people there besides our church people. A couple of families were looking for a church so we are praying that we will see them tomorrow. The father of one of these families asked the men to pray with him. That makes the sweating worth it!

Here's the kids. Not sure what they were doing. They had knocked down the volleyball net by then. My hillybilly daughter is there in the front without any shoes!

The kids loved this moonwalk thing.

Face painting.

Poor Sis Forsee was worn out by this time!

The men found some shade. This picture cracks me up. Apparently Bro. Forsee's legs were hot! He has his burghundy pants pulled up halfway to his knees! Too funny!

Here are a few pictures from the last week or so!
This is Meaghan and Snickers. Snickers will be coming to live with us in a couple of weeks. He's not quite seven weeks old.

It seems that Kaiden enjoys exercising about as much as I do!

Last Saturday we went on a picnic. The kids loved being outdoors!

They went wading with Daddy! My favorite part of the day was when a crawdad crawled across Scott's foot. He wasn't expecting it and hollered pretty loud! I got a good laugh out of the whole thing!

Here's my little man! He is getting so big. He's sitting up good and now trying to crawl. I feel old saying this, but it's hard to believe how fast they grow up.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm thinking about putting this pic on my refrigerator to motivate me to diet!!