Friday, October 17, 2008

It's hard to believe that my bratty little brother is now all grown up, but he is! He is graduating this year!
Jonathan, I am proud to have you as my brother! You have come a long ways since the good old toddler days when you yelled through your teeth at me that I wasn't your mother! I'm so glad that you are doing your best to live your life right! Love you tons!

Love you too Jerms!

While we were in Illinois, we spent the afternoon at Lincoln Log Cabin Park with my family. My grandparents were all there so it was an extra special day. (Not sure how I managed not to get a picture of a single one of them!)

My Man!

My baby girl is growing up!

The scary "black" cow. Meaghan wasn't impressed with it!

These cute little piggies were very loud! We nearly got kicked out of the park because Scott convinced Jonathan to pick one of them up. The little guy screamed and his mom about came after us. Shelly and I wonder why our parents taught us that pigs have curly tails?!

My redneck family and their cheap entertainment!! They were rolling down the hill. That blur you see above is my dad!

Ummm . . . I'm not even sure what to say about this one! Jonathan and Scott are not a good combination.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Meaghan! I am rather slow in posting these pictures. She had a good birthday. We went to Illinois on Friday and Saturday to celebrate with my family. We spent Sunday with Scott's family. Other that some serious car problems, we all had a great time.

This was Meaghan's cake with the Hopkins side. She had walked around looking at a picture of this cake on the back of a Taste of Home magazine for weeks. The rest of us weren't too excited about all the candy, but she loved it!

These were her cakes from the Williams' side. She liked her "baby" cake.

Kaiden got to practice eating cake for his birthday! He really enjoyed making that mess.