Friday, April 4, 2008

Sprinkles' Stories

It seems that our little rabbit is in for a hectic life. She does have a name now thanks to my Grandma Tom. Her name is Sprinkles because she has brown spots "sprinkled" over her back. Meaghan still calls her Bunny most of the time. She is very patient and does not try to nibble on the little fingers that are always poking at her.
Kaiden is not coordinating his hands quite yet but has discovered his tongue. I put Sprinkles up to his nose to see what he did when her whiskers tickled him. He tried to lick her!! Yuck!!
Scott was home with the kids Tuesday night by himself. He heard Meaghan giggling in the other room and found her standing on a chair with the fish tank lid open. She was trying to cram Sprinkles in the tank. Poor thing!! Seems she is in for alot of excitement!