Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a very nice Easter. Meaghan wanted a bunny for her "surprise". Since Scott loves rabbits and used to raise them, he was only too happy to get her what she wanted. So far the little gal's name is Bunny, but we hope to think of something more creative soon. (I could use your help on this one!) Luckily she is a very patient bunny and doesn't bite little fingers. I think she is going to have rough life. Meaghan's last pet was a guinea pig. It was fed well (Doritos, cereal, candy), but I never knew where I would find her. I looked all over once and finally Meaghan took me to her hiding place - the dryer! This poor bunny is in for an exciting life I'm afraid!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Our new Home!

We are excited to be getting a house to live in. We have wanted a bigger place to live having the kid's. Apartment life isn't for a hyper two year old and a new baby. We will still be renting but, will be doing some remodeling such as adding an extra bath, putting a new wood floor in the kitchen and dinning area as well as our entry way. Scott will have a job this summer tearing out the big bushes in front of the house and putting a new landscape in. So even tho we will still be renting we will be doing some things to improve the looks and be able to some what call it our home!

Monday, March 10, 2008

I wonder . . . .

Sometimes we wonder the strangest things at our house. After washing my hair, I spent alot of time combing the tangles out.
Using the very large amount of hair that I pulled out, we solved this one! "I wonder what Kaiden would look like with hair?" Sounds crazy I know, but you have to realize that I have been cooped up in this house for a week now. The poor baby had no idea what was happening.

I also wonder. . . why do we buy our kids so many toys? This cardboard box is Meaghan's new favorite toy. In this picture, I was told she is "taking a bath." The burp cloth that you see in her hands is a "losh cloth." We have wasted so much money on toys when apparently all you need to have fun is a good imagination.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The "Bug"

This has been a long week at our house. Our little throwing up episode on Saturday set the mood for our entire week! We have now passed this flu bug through our entire family. (Too bad Meaghan doesn't share her toys as well as she shared this little "bug".) Kaiden held out the longest, but now he is sick too. We actually had to take him to the doctor today because they were afraid he was getting dehydrated. It seems he is dehydrated, but is still well enough to manage with Pedialyte for now. His weight didn't help them evaluate him very well. He is up to 10lb 14oz. That's almost a 2lb gain in 3 weeks! At that rate, he will pass Meaghan up before he is 6 months. She's only 24lbs!
I will be going back to work next week - like it or not. This is not really how I imagined spending my last week off. At least when I go back to work, I will get paid for cleaning up these messes!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

"The Greatest Show on Earth"

It has been a busy weekend! Friday night Jenny and Wesley, friends from our college days, came over and we took Meaghan to the circus. (I say that as if we weren't all looking forward to it!) It was alot of fun. Meaghan was on the edge of her seat - literally! She sat so close to the edge of her seat that it flipped her out at one point. Every time I looked over at her, she was smiling from ear to ear. She wasn't much into the tight rope walker though. She watched him with her hands over her mouth. Seems she inherited my fear of heights. Her favorite part I think were the "elphaphants"! I think I was as amazed by the prices of the things they were selling as I was by any of the acts. Who in their right mind would pay $15 for a snow cone in a cool circus cup?!!

On Saturday, we met my parents in Indy for supper. They had not seen Kaiden since he was a week old. We went shopping for awhile and then to Chic-fil-a. It was a wonderful evening with lots of laughter and kisses for the kids. We ended our nice little evening with Meaghan throwing up all over in Chic-fil-a. It's much more distressing when you are the parent of the puking kid because then you get the pleasure of cleaning it all up!