Monday, March 10, 2008

I wonder . . . .

Sometimes we wonder the strangest things at our house. After washing my hair, I spent alot of time combing the tangles out.
Using the very large amount of hair that I pulled out, we solved this one! "I wonder what Kaiden would look like with hair?" Sounds crazy I know, but you have to realize that I have been cooped up in this house for a week now. The poor baby had no idea what was happening.

I also wonder. . . why do we buy our kids so many toys? This cardboard box is Meaghan's new favorite toy. In this picture, I was told she is "taking a bath." The burp cloth that you see in her hands is a "losh cloth." We have wasted so much money on toys when apparently all you need to have fun is a good imagination.


Jenn said...

I know what you mean about wasting money on toys for our kids... some of Katrin's favorite toys are an old purse of mine and my brothers old trucks.

We should get together sometime for a play date, I know you're going back to work soon but maybe on a your day off or some weekend. Paul works 2nd shift, so I'm free every evening. I had heard you guys had moved back to Cinci but didn't know when or where. So glad to have you 'back home'. We live on the west side, yucky Price Hill. Anyway, look forward to hearing from you soon!!

Jenny said...

Your poor kids...Kaiden will probably be scarred for life. And don't you know...the boxes are always more fun!