Thursday, March 6, 2008

The "Bug"

This has been a long week at our house. Our little throwing up episode on Saturday set the mood for our entire week! We have now passed this flu bug through our entire family. (Too bad Meaghan doesn't share her toys as well as she shared this little "bug".) Kaiden held out the longest, but now he is sick too. We actually had to take him to the doctor today because they were afraid he was getting dehydrated. It seems he is dehydrated, but is still well enough to manage with Pedialyte for now. His weight didn't help them evaluate him very well. He is up to 10lb 14oz. That's almost a 2lb gain in 3 weeks! At that rate, he will pass Meaghan up before he is 6 months. She's only 24lbs!
I will be going back to work next week - like it or not. This is not really how I imagined spending my last week off. At least when I go back to work, I will get paid for cleaning up these messes!!