Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Randy!

Yesterday was my father-in-law's birthday. He says that he is 35! They were in Cincinnati bringing Sarah's stuff to GBS so we got together and went to Don Pablos. We went to the one on the river. It was real nice. We wished that we could've eaten outside, but we would've been too busy wiping sweat to eat. It was soooo hot!! Of course someone let it slip that it was his birthday! He got to wear the big sombrero and they sang to him!

The sombrero seems a little big for Meaghan!

And WAY TOO BIG for Kaiden!!

Kaiden is enjoying tortillas or maybe it's his napkin. He tasted both!!

Finally, at long last, I am posting new pictures. They are all from the cell phone so not the best quality.
Two weeks ago, Kaiden had a minor outpatient surgery at Children's Hospital. I was a nervous wreck, but all went well. Here he is in his hospital gown right before going to surgery!

Last weekend, we met Jason and Shelly and took the kids to Chuckie Cheese. We say that we went for the kids, but the adults had alot of fun too! Jason and I had never been there.

The rest are just misc. pictures of the kids. I really do comb Meaghan's hair! The pics of her were taken when I wasn't home. She is obsessed with trying on all her old clothes, thus the size 18 month pj shirt. Kaiden is now crawling, pulling up to everything, and has his first tooth! Enjoy!